Connect the Printer to a Wired Network

When the computer is connected to a specific office or home network, it is recommended to use an Ethernet cable to link the printer to the network.

However, connecting the printer directly to the computer via Ethernet is impossible. Instead, it must be linked through a router or network adjustment. An Ethernet network can be castoff for one or more computers and supports many printers and systems simultaneously. In addition, an Ethernet connection is characteristically faster than USB and allows you direct access to the printer's settings with the help of the Rooted Web Server.

After digging into details, we prepared the list of the printer features prospective buyers would consider. This includes how many sheets of paper you can fit into a printer, the printing speeds for both mono and color pages, and also how easy they are to set up and connect to your PC- Hope this helps you find the best option!

To Connect the Printer to a Wired (Ethernet) Network

  • Step 1 Attach one end of an Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port on the back of the printer, and then connect the other end of the line to a correctly organized network port, switch or router port.
  • Step 2 Then click the power cord to the printer, and link the power cord to an electric channel.
  • Step 3 Press and wait for the WPS button on the printer for a while.
  • Step 4 Wait 2-3 minutes for the blue light to stop alternating and for the default Wireless connection to time out.
  • Step 5 Wait a couple of minutes to allow DHCP to discover the Wired connection's IP address.
  • Step 6 Print a Configuration Report to verify you.

How to install printer setup (Wireless)

The Bluetooth-enabled printer not only eases the tasks but also makes the process smooth and fun. Today, wireless printers at the workplace can be more efficient and enhance workflow. This can be handy if you use a laptop and change it around regularly. These Bluetooth printers can be set up by preparing the printer for usage and linking it to the computer using the Add Printer wizard.

To Connect the Printer to a Wireless Network

  • Step 1 Plug the printer into an outlet and turn it on. Pause for a while and let it fully resets.
  • Step 2 Connect using the Start button on your computer and click on the "Devices and Printers" option.
  • Step 3 Now, tap the "Add a printer" link to start the Add Printer wizard, which will take you through the connection steps.
  • Step 4 Click on the "Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer" to start the connection process. Next, wait for the computer to search for and find accessible printers.
  • Step 5 Select the Bluetooth printer when it appears in the list. Then, click the "Next" button.
  • Step 6 Click on the "Install Driver" switch if you are driven to install a driver for the printer. Enter the administrator password if prompted, and then tap "OK" to confirm the driver installation.
  • Step 7 Click the "Finish" switch in the Add Printer wizard pane to set up your Bluetooth printer.